The sailing boat “Tourismstrong”

Posted on Wed August 19, 2020.

Corona Times are like a stormy sea…

Over the last couple of months the international sailing boat “tourismstrong” offered free seats to anyone involved in tourism – from accommodation, activity and transport suppliers to destination managers, tour operators and travel agents. It’s a bumpy journey, a long one and without any clear indication of when the bad weather will clear. What did become very clear is that we are all in this together! So let’s sit close together, hold on tight and survive this storm! #IamTourism #WeAreTourism

While we are ambitiously steering towards the sunshine, we have learnt that it is time to co-create a new tourism environment that offers consumers the product and service they look for, while simultaneously strengthening the supplier side to become “tourism stronger”, more resilient and less vulnerable with regards to this new travel world we find ourselves in, a world that calls for more flexibility and adaptability.

So while there is no lighthouse that gives us guidance and direction, it’s incumbent upon all the experienced minds in this industry, to collaborate, exchange ideas and grow stronger together.  It is time for new ways of trading, internal re-structuring, strengthened partnerships, new goals and new opportunities, so that when we eventually sail in good weather again, we have a sound navigation plan that enables us to focus on what we do best:  Create, promote, sell and facilitate wonderful travel experiences in a country that has so much to offer.  

One does not often see an industry come together as with the #SouthAfricaIsTravelReady campaign:  Individuals, the private sector and industry organizations, all “in one boat”.  It’s not only the networking and creative campaigning in support of the call for a phased reopening, but one also finds an extraordinary willingness and common intention to create a sustainable strategy that strengthens this industry in the long run, even after corona. It's the #tourisminmyblood that connects us all!

No question:  This industry knows how to sail!

There may have been, and will be days when the sea seems extremely rough, with no land in sight, but sitting in this powerful ship with an experienced crew, skipper and deckhands who all stepped up to maneuver it in such a professional and profound manner (despite the much needed, yet ever missing support from the fleet commander) gives us complete confidence that the good vibe times will return!  Ahoi!