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by Cape Country Routes, May 22, 2015

On his 1971 breakout album, Poems, Prayers & Promises, John Denver brought to life the song that propelled him to international stardom – Take me home country roads. It spoke of the great state of West Virginia and how it is “almost heaven”. Cape Country Routes

Now if the setting was South Africa and we jumped three decades or so to the late 1990’s, I reckon the title might have been, Take me home, Cape Country Routes. And the lyrics “almost heaven” would be replaced with “piece of heaven”
Cape Country Routes was born in 1997 through the ingenuity and drive possessed by a group of independent hoteliers and hospitality pioneers.

Properties associated with this dynamic group were identified through service excellence and are all renowned for their charm, romance and rich character. The dream of these trendsetting tourism troubadours was to connect the two prominent harbour cities of Cape Town and Port Elizabeth by encouraging visitors to explore the scenic splendour and history of the routes that carry them between the two.

Cape Town Country Routes
Providing unforgettable and world-class tourism offerings in a sustainable and responsible manner, Cape Country Routes promotes and enhances the grandeur of South Africa. CCR consists of only 4- and 5-star establishments and covers in their portfolio everything from adventure, action-attractions and wild life to tranquility, exquisiteness and magnificence.


It offers an authentic, localised and easy-driving experience and allows for affordable accommodation and unforgettable holiday breaks. Cape Country Routes

If we are to tie the dearly departed Mr Denver to CCR and its perfection, we believe that although the song title might differ to incorporate South Africa, the album title, Poems, Prayers & Promises can certainly remain as it already represents all that CCR is.


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